Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Scream Queens

Tonight, the second episode of Scream Queens will be shown on the Fox Network.  If you're not watching it, why aren't you? It's a pluperfect hoot!

I taped the first episode last week and howled through it when I watched it a couple of mornings later...

Basically, it's a take-off of all the "nubile young things being threatened by a diabolical killer" whose identity is always concealed - a hockey mask for Jason in Friday the Thirteenth films, or a William Shatner mask painted all white for Michael Myers in the Halloween franchise.  In the case of Scream Queens, it is a figure in a red devil costume, complete with a hard plastic mask.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Myer's chosen target who always managed to elude him years ago in Haddonfield, IL, the setting for the Halloween movies, plays the dean of students at the mythical university in which this farce is set. She plays her role with her tongue firmly planted in her lean cheek.  Her character is hardly a paragon of virtue.  Of one thing we are sure, she detests sororities and sorority girls. (Probably due to her own misfortune at their hands in her college career...)

They have guest stars (all under 25) who play the members of the sorority in question, who are invariably murdered during the episode by our red garbed villain or villainess...it's impossible to tell.

Scream Queens reminds me of my own sorority days.  Although I didn't belong to the snooty, rich girl chapter at my school.  I belonged to the chapter, losing members, who were desperate enough to take on a maverick like me...but I am familiar with the type portrayed in Scream Queens. Our campus was filled with them. And yes, they dated all the jocks, dressed in designer clothes, and walked about wafting expensive perfume around them, along with the distinct scent of entitlement.

Anyway, if you're in the mood for silliness to the max, and watching the rich girls bite it in fulfillment of their Karmic load, check out Scream Queens.  You'll get at least a giggle or two, if not full-fledged guffaws.

Until next time, I'm back......and will write another post soon.

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