Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rehab in a hot Florida Spring

Hello. I know you're all probably wondering about me or not...I haven't put up a blog post in a while, though it is getting much easier to type and remember how to work the PC. And no, I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 yet. I doubt I'll see it anytime soon, but them, as they say, are the breaks...One of my grand nephews saw it. Since I haven't heard anything negative I can only conclude he liked it.I'll see it eventually. Amazon will be selling the Blu-Ray in a few months anyway. I'm checking every few days to see if they have a sell date posted. So far no, but I'll keep checking.
It's been extra hot this Spring here in Jacksonville. My AC went out two weeks ago and needs the manufacturer out to replace a part. Seems too much dog hair was in the closet where the works are kept...Oops! They've given me a window unit for the bedroom, which surprisingly does a good job in the bedroom and sort of cools the rest of the place with all the ceiling fans on in the other rooms to pull the cool air forward. Still when it's in the 90s in the late afternoon, it's hot in the living area.  Makes me sweat. But I can handle it. This afternoon promises to be hot again, so I am bracing for  a bit of heat later on.  I tried to walk the three blocks to my mailbox a while ago, but the heat defeated me. Oh well, who needs more mail? I can wait another day to pick up my correspondence and goodies from QVC. I am anxiously awaiting an incoming skort...Haven't wanted to show my legs in many years, but they are much smaller than they were, so they're out in the open under crop pants, pedal pushers, and now a skort. It's a front panel like a skirt with Bermuda shorts underneath OOOOOOHHH I'm just a brazen hussy, after all.
Well what do expect of a Romance and Thriller writer? A maxi dress?
Speaking of my romance writing, Let the Games Begin, the fourth novel in my Touch the Sky series is perking right along. Having to re-learn how to work the computer slows me down but I'm getting better.
LTGB promises to be a lively story, funny in places. Hope you enjoy it.
Haven't seen many new movies, unless they're new to cable. Therefore, I'm not fulfilling my pop culture diva duties very well, but I did undergo a physical trauma, so it's understandable.
The news has been jumping recently, but as I don't discuss things of a political nature in this blog, I am making a concerted effort not to jump into the melee.
Otherwise, the dogs and I are okay.
I'll review a movie one of these days. In the meantime I am reading quite a bit. I just got Craig Johnson's latest Longmire novel, which I am anxious to read. I love the television series and didn't realize they were taken from a book series about Sheriff Longmire, fancy that.
Well, that's all for now. Everybody take care, mind your caffeine intake, and enjoy your summer.

Until next time, remember you can't keep a good diva down!!!