Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Day

Well, this is a brave new world today.  Yesterday my dad moved into his new apartment in a senior living community...He called me several times last night and started calling me at 6:20 this morning complaining about the "hotel" and demanding to go home.  He said he didn't know how they'd gotten his furniture and clothes there, but he wanted it all taken back...

After three more calls this morning from him, I finally called the facility. I learned they have a concierge service to have employees take the new residents to meals, to activities, all for a fee...I said YES, I'LL PAY IT!!!!

I told him later this morning that a couple of young ladies had been assigned to him during different times of the day and one of them would take him to lunch.  Haven't heard from him since.

It's good but I'm not celebrating just yet...I don't know if I can trust this brave new world I met today. It's been so long since I was free to do whatever I choose on any given day, I'm hesitant to put more than a toe in the water, so I can jerk it back when the alligator surfaces.

I actually got some work done this morning.  I met the shredders at the house where they dumped the forty years worth of financial records in their big tubs, carted them to their truck and weighed them...My niece and I went through 295 lbs of paperwork...I KNEW I COULDN'T CARRY THOSE BAGS...geez.

Is that the sum today of 40 years of a person's life? Well if the person is my dad, it's the sum total of 40 years of meticulous record keeping, anyway.

Later this morning, I actually cleaned my place.  We were drowning is dust-covered doggy hair.  My Tzus and I have all been sneezing and coughing...funny thing about that. I'm going to delve into more domesticity in a few minutes and change the sheets, then wash a load of towels. I hope I remember how to work the washer...

In this strange lull of emotionally charged activity I'm uncertain, cautious, concerned it will not last...

I'll give it the final test.  If I'm not awakened in the morning by an angry call before 7:00, I'll know the new day is finally here.

Take care everybody.  Keep dry if you're in my vicinity.  Rain's pouring off the patio overhang once more.

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  1. My mom used to pack her "stuff" constantly. Whenever the staff of the assisted living center called to tell us she was out of something, we'd have to suggest they look in her various suitcases, totes and bags. But even with the regular plans to "go home" and the incessant packing, she was happy - it was evident in her big smile when we visited. I hope and pray for you a similar experience.