Monday, October 13, 2014

"Zombies - Tornado - ZNado - 'Nuff Said"

Just a quickie today.  As most of you know, I am a fan of the SyFy network.  I regularly watch two or three of their programs. I also watch their movies, including those of the Sharknado franchise.

Currently, I am recording one of their programs on Friday nights because it is on the same time as something else I watch.  It's a little farce entitled - ZNation.

As you might guess, it's another Zombie Apocalypse program.  This one has a slightly different premise.  A band of militant survivors are trying to travel across the country to California. They are charged with taking a particularly unpleasant man across the US and must protect him from harm.  He was injected with an experimental anti-zombie serum at a medical facility on the east coast, just before they were overrun with marauding zombies.  Though he sustained several nasty bites, he survived and did not become one of the Zs.  So he is the hope of all mankind.

There's also a poor man left alone at a military station in the region of the far north.  He is the only survivor of the Z attack on the facility - well he and a half-grown husky puppy.  Luckily it's a huge base with enormous stores of supplies. So they eat prime beef most nights cooked on a charcoal grill.  The man maintains the high powered radio that reaches across the country.  He broadcasts to the survivors out there as "Citizen Z." Some of the quasi-military groups are in contact with him as well.  He can direct them via satellite views of areas to determine where it's passable and where it's not on the roadways.  He can also access the weather satellite as we learned in last week's episode.

SyFy had to do this...I guess it was inevitable...the advertising tag line for this episode was the title of my blog post - "Zombies - Tornado - ZNado - 'Nuff Said."

Yep, you got it.  Instead of picking up sharks at sea, these monster tornadoes picked up roving bands of Zombies and dropped them on the remaining human populace.  When the main characters saw the Zombies come flying out of the funnel clouds one of them said - "Is that what I think it is?" To whit the female lead replied - "At least it ain't sharks..."

I don't know why I find this so funny - I guess it's the ridiculous improbability of it all coupled with the tongue-in-cheek acting style.  Whatever it is, I guffawed when I saw the episode.

I fear we may be in for a spate of 'Nado pictures...what about "Tea Party'Nado" (that's downright scary!!!) "ISIS'Nado" (frightening in its own way) Congress'Nado (perhaps the scariest of them all) or "Republican'Nado", and for equal time depending on your personal preferences - "Democrat'Nado." 

The mind boggles.

And to think this was all started by some flying sharks devouring a bunch of once prominent celebrities...

Oh well, we can all use a good laugh.

On the serious side, I have finished the first half of my current novel in progress!!!

And bigger news, my blog has achieved 10,000+ views now - not taking the world by storm, but it exceeds my expectations. Thank you.


Hasta la Vista (remember my DNA is 4% Iberian peninsula...)

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