Sunday, October 26, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow (Live-Die-Repeat)

After a busy couple of weeks, I finally got around to watching a movie worth reviewing.  A lover of science fiction I noted when EDGE OF TOMORROW was originally released.  It stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blount with an outstanding supporting cast of such notables as Brendan Gleeson and Bill Paxton.

The premise is a smug Major (Cruise) who has finagled his way out of combat is stripped of his rank and thrust into the front lines by General Brigham (Gleeson).  There the new private is put under Master Sergeant Farrell (Paxton, who is all but unrecognizable in the role).  Farrell is the epitome of a combat hardened Master Sergeant.  He brooks neither smart remarks nor cowardice.  His soldiers fight to the death or live to fight another day - no exceptions.  Naturally Cage (Cruise) learns hard lessons fast.

The enemies are a horde of aliens commanded by a creature who can control time itself and knows the future.

On Cage's first foray into battle he dies almost immediately.  He then wakes up back at the post where his first day repeats.  Naturally when he goes into battle, he avoids his original death and lives a few moments longer.   Before his death the second time, he witnesses Rita (Blount), a proclaimed hero of the war, in action. Fascinated by her immediately, when he dies and goes back the next time, he actively seeks her out.

She offers to train him because he has the ability to die and come back - a rarity she shares with him. Together they pool their gathered knowledge and find a way to win the war.

Okay, the premise is a difficult one to maintain.  I remember a famous comedy of twenty years ago that repeated the same day over and over with progressively longer stretches of the same dialogue repeated each time.  While the critics raved about the comedic performances in this film, I fell asleep in the theater nodding off repeatedly, only to have my friends awaken me when it was over.  I was never so bored in my life.

While Edge of Tomorrow is repetitious at times, there is enough action and change to make it exciting.  This movie races to its climax.

There are battles aplenty but the viscera is kept to a minimum - always a refreshing change.  (I've been watching too many zombie films and television programs.)

The special effects are excellent.  The performances are good.  All in all it is an exciting film and well worth a viewing, particularly for fans of science fiction.

Check it out.  You just might like it.

Tonight marks the series finale of BOARDWALK EMPIRE.  This is a series that has held my attention since it first aired.  I have a love/hate relationship with it, but it has kept me interested. Look for my series review coming in the next few days.

Until then, take care and watch a movie, read a book, listen to some music, or watch your favorite TV shows.

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