Thursday, October 2, 2014


Tonight on the Fox network, at 9:00 pm EDT, a new series, Gracepoint, premiers.  It's a ten part mystery series, based on the critically acclaimed BBC series, Broadchurch.  The American version stars David Tennant, the British star of Broadchurch (and my favorite Doctor from the Doctor Who series.)

Gracepoint takes place in a mythical northern California coastal town.  In the opening episode, the body of a 12 year old boy is found on the beach.  The story unfolds from there.

Although based on Broadchurch, the network is advertising promos announcing that Gracepoint is a different story.  And sure enough, Broadchurch had eight episodes.  Gracepoint has ten. The network is implying that the story is a bit different as is the identity of the murderer.  We'll see.

If you like a good mystery, do not miss the series.  The original was mesmerizing and held my interest so much that when it ended I ordered the video.

Look for a taut, confounding story filled with false clues.  You'll be drawn to it if it is like the BBC version.

I'm looking forward to watching it tonight!

Blessings and have a happy autumn.


  1. I really liked it, so I'll be watching it.

    1. I'm so glad you liked it. So far, except for the location of the town, and a couple of the character names, it is exactly like Broadchurch. That was such a stunning series, especially with the conclusion. I love David Tennant. It's fun to see him play an American in this version. I'll be watching it right along with you!