Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's official. I'm on Amazon!!!

My Regency novel, Touch the Sky, is now available in its Kindle edition on Amazon. The paper copy will be available in a few weeks. Included in the Kindle edition and the paper book is a bonus novella, Trust Your Heart, a story of the American branch of the St. John family.

No, I'm not going to review it.

But I'd appreciate reviews from anyone who buys it.

Thank you in advance.


Touch the Sky


The last person Celeste wanted to see stood before her.

Colonel Sheridan St. John smiled at her as if nothing had happened.  Rage overtook her as she noted he was still muscled and blond with those hypnotic dark blue eyes.  She could not forgive him for what he had done.  She could not forgive herself for loving him still.

If not for Sheridan, her father, Baron Hargreaves, would still be alive.

Now three years after the execution, St. John is tasked with informing Celeste that the Prince Regent affirmed Baron Hargreaves to be innocent of all charges, and declared Celeste and her siblings wards of Sheridan's father, the powerful Duke of Richmond.  Their titles are restored.  Reparations will be made to the Hargreaves family.

Sheridan seeks to win Celeste's love once more.  A seasoned veteran of war, he will conduct his campaign for Celeste's heart as he has no other.  It is the most important of his life, and will determine if they can Touch the Sky.

Trust Your Heart

Amelia St. John and Joshua Hawthorne fell in love at first sight. Separated by circumstance rather than ideology, they found themselves on opposite sides during the bitter Civil War.  Amelia, persuaded Joshua no longer loved her, married another man.

Each struggled with their own private way.  Joshua found with the Union Army, surviving its bloodiest conflicts, while Amelia fought her war deep in the Confederacy.  She battled starvation, sickness, and the death of her husband as she struggled to provide for her young son.

When the war ended, Joshua found Amelia, but the carefree girl Joshua remembered was now a disillusioned, wounded soul and a fiercely protective mother. The only male in her life she would ever allow herself to love again was her son.

Could Joshua win back Amelia's trust?

Love is always filled with possibilities.

Currently available in Kindle format.

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