Monday, July 21, 2014

Dusty's Fate by Vickie King

Vickie King has given us the second novel in her wonderful series The Braddocks.  Following the popular Carly's Rule with Dusty's Fate.

It is the story of Carly's brother, Dusty.  A private investigator, embittered by the past, Dusty meets the first woman to reach his heart on one of his cases.  Jules Donovan, a woman with her own tragic past, does not want to trust anyone, especially a man.  But she is drawn to the private investigator and gradually learns to trust him.

This is another, lovely, heart warming story of healing and happy endings from Ms. King.  She writes such vivid, real characters, the readers feel as if they're old friends. 

The Braddocks are fast becoming one of my favorite fictional families.

This one is a perfect summer read.  Check it out.  You will be glad you did.


West Virginia Private Investigator, Dusty Braddock, takes a job to put some distance between him and his hovering family, who believe he’s on a downhill path to disaster. Three years ago, Dusty's wife and unborn child were killed in car accident. He hadn’t been behind the wheel, but he believed he'd killed his wife and the baby growing inside her as surely as if he had been. The guilt consumes him and festers in his heart.

Foster system survivor Jules Donovan wants to find a guardian for her son, to assure a stable family life for him should anything happen to her. The likeliest candidate is a man who may be her brother. Getting to know this man and his family is Jules' priority, but could leave her vulnerable if a DNA test proves they are not, after all, related.

Dusty's family is connected to Jules' efforts, and the case puts him in the middle of her problematic life. Yet, he can’t seem to walk away from her or her son. Jules wants to belong to someone. No one has ever truly cared about her, or said I love you. Now, the only man who ever made her feel like she belongs wants more than she can give. But can she ever go back to her normal life if trusting him proves to be a mistake?

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