Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Red&Green is Black&Blue

Well, I am in the process of moving.  This computer will be disconnected this afternoon.  I won't be back up for a day or two - assuming I can hook it up correctly...

So for all you country fans out there, here's a little ditty from a Texas gal...

My bed's too high - I fall out before I can even get in.

I've been forced to move, really took one on the chin.

All in all I find reasons to smile.

After all, I'm moving less than a mile.

My family's been great, really helping me out.

My Tzus are the only folks around here starting to pout.

Shaky and jittery, they constantly have to go.

And you know it doesn't help at all to scream, Miss Myrna, NO!!!

Stubborn little furballs, but I love them still.

I know this move will be finished soon, at least I hope it will.

Christmas is coming, but this year, what the heck is that?

The only thing I'm grateful for is that I'm no longer so fat.

And the last straw that knocked me to the floor?

While I was out they came and painted my front door.

The paint was still wet, the lock was taped shut.

I demolished the rest of my manicure, and muttered about kicking the painter in the butt.

So, now I'm going off the net for awhile.  Merry Christmas to you.

But none for me.  My Red&Green is Black&Blue.

(and so is the painter...when I catch him...)

Froeliche Weinachten! Feliz Navidad!

I'll catch you later.

The paint-stained pop diva.

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