Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm Baaaaaaaaaacccckkkk!!!

I know now that many of you have your own move-from-hell stories, so I won't bore you with mine.  The fact that I've been offline since December 18th should tell you something.

It's been a strange few weeks, lots of drama-rama around the holidays.  Why is it some people invariably act up during the holidays?  Must be something in the eggnog or chemicals from the artificial trees.

Oh, and I'm still not completely unpacked nor able to find certain things...oh well.

I don't know about you, but it's perishing cold here today.  It got down to about 24 in my neighborhood, which isn't as low as some places, I know, but this is Florida.  We're not really equipped for such temps.  There were a few diehards walking on the beach this morning in their UA thinsulate, but they were obviously delusional.

I layered up and walked the tzus, who were clad in their own thinsulate coats.  Ming, the macho, promptly stepped out of his, having none of it.  Oh well, we survived.  I am happy to report the fountain on the lake beside my place did not freeze overnight.

Hope all of you enjoyed your holidays, or at the very least did not suffer serious injuries or food poisoning during your clan's holiday hoopla.  To bypass those indignities is always a plus.

Today, I am posting a new blog, Sharon Drane's Free Reads.  I am posting a Christmas story I wrote recently called "Christmas Is For Kids."  I will post pieces of my fiction from time to time.  There will be short stories or chapters of longer works, whatever takes my fancy.  I hope you enjoy them.

So here we all are in 2014.  I truly hope it will be a better year than this last one.

Take care and keep warm while we experience the Polar Vortex currently blanketing most of the US.

Until later...



  1. I did miss your presence. Glad you're back. Crandal86@gmail.com

  2. Thank you, sweet Chrysanne. I appreciate it.