Friday, December 13, 2013

I Dream of Packing - The Epic Saga of Moving

Again, the Universe is having a huge horse laugh at my expense.  While other people fill their thoughts with holiday parties, presents, delicious food, the smells of pine and cinnamon, and loving thoughts of being together, all I can think about is packing.  I spent the morning swathed in bubble wrap...sounds kinky, but believe me it's not as much fun as it sounds. (although I could tell you tales of an actress taking a bubble bath onstage, really swathed in bubble had to be there.)

Picture it, an aging diva, wearing an old Dallas Cowboys' sweatshirt with her jeans, furiously wrapping pottery, kachinas, fetishes, etc. in bubble wrap  and putting them in tote bags to take to the new apartment.  Make-up is running down her face, hair's all over the place.  Her face furrows in mature concentration.  Glamorous image, huh? I need to watch Kinky Boots again...

My father chided me for working so hard.  He said, "you've been cleaning out and packing for two weeks now.  Nobody needs that many clothes!"  To whit I replied, "I haven't even started on the clothes.  It's all been books, dvds, vhs tapes, and my collections of STUFF."  And to think I could have had the movers pack everything!  Uh huh.  In your dreams, kiddo...After all, this is just a move inside the apartment complex, not a cross country trip.  (Read that, I'm too cheap...although I have reconsidered that decision in my odd moments.)

Do you think I could call myself a pop culture diva without a huge book collection, dvd collection, vhs collection, cd collection, and theatrical memorabilia?  I'd be drummed out of the union, stripped of my sequins, and told to exeunt stage left.  I could never let that happen.

I will be very glad when this is all over, but I won't be in any kind of holiday spirit.  There's no time for it now.  I did manage to have a gift sent to a loved one (a family of loved ones).  And I got my best friend to postpone our exchange.  But the rest of my family members are all getting cash.  Sounds crass, I know, but that's the best I can do this year.

I'll probably be unpacking until after Christmas, anyhow.  Oh, and the piece d' resistance - the interior of my new place has been renovated, but they haven't painted the exterior yet.  So I look forward to having my poor garden exposed to more bleach water and spray paint.  I also look forward to having my back door painted shut again...took me a good ten minutes to get the one open on this place after that event.

But I don't have time to worry about that now.  After all, I have to focus and make sure I don't wrap my Tzus in bubble wrap and pack them for the move...

Take care.  Enjoy your holiday festivities.  I'll write more before the move since I will be confined to a Blackberry for a couple of days next week, if all goes well...(no comments, please...)

I told you - the U is laughing big time.  Oh well.  It makes an entertaining story.

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