Monday, February 18, 2013

Whatever It Takes by Skye Taylor

In our current political climate, including last year's contentious election, many people are tired of the bickering, the arguing, the inability of politicos to work together.

In her debut novel, Whatever It Takes, Skye Taylor has gifted readers with a realistic story of the hidden side of a Presidential election.  She has created an effective story of a three-way race, the undercurrents between the candidates, the things the public is never meant to see.

It is a novel rich with depth in its characters and the plot.  These are not beings who are just talking heads in the media.  They read as emotionally true characters, who face obstacles according to their personalities and agendas.  Without the interference of spin doctors, you will come to care about some of the characters and dislike some of the others, as you learn who they truly are. 

Each of the candidates has a secret or two that must be protected.  As the action builds to its surprising climax, you will find who has the best interest of the country at heart. 

An exciting page-turner as the story skillfully unfolds it is filled with suspense. I found it hard to put down.

This is a wonderful book and an impressive first novel.  I look forward to reading more of Ms. Taylor's work.  I also wish one of her characters was real and could run in 2016.  But I'll leave it to you to decide who that is.


Matt Steele has a no-nonsense plan to fix the economy and restore America’s legacy, Roland Miller dominates the polls, and Blair Cabot, the first Independent candidate with a realistic chance to win the presidency, has the determination to get there at any cost. All three have secrets that could derail everything.

At a campaign rally, Matt Steele is slipped an old snapshot by an Amerasian man who claims to be the son of Matt’s closest friend who was killed in Vietnam. Matt’s acceptance of this man and his claim soon erupts into allegations that the young man is Matt’s illegitimate son, a story the press is eager to exploit. The photograph also triggers memories long forgotten, and guilt long buried about the woman in the picture and promises he made to her after his friend was killed. Rolly Miller wants to maintain his public image as a grieving widower and keep his long time lover a secret until after he has won the election. And Blair Cabot is determined to bury his opponents what ever it takes, including arm twisting, blackmail, lying, and leaking information to the press. But Cabot’s past includes some very shady shipping deals and three men who may have died to keep them quiet.

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"Whatever It Takes by Skye Taylor is an absolutely fabulous debut! Check it out if you love political intrigue." Tracey Garvis Graves, author of Times best-seller, On The Island.

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