Sunday, February 24, 2013

Angel Unaware by Elizabeth Sinclair

Best-selling author, Elizabeth Sinclair's wonderful novel, Angel Unaware is being re-released by Salt Run Publishing.  It is a beautiful story, filled with love and gentle humor and enough obstacles to make you nervous about the outcome.

Poor Dora DeAngelo is having a hard time being an angel.  She's given one last chance with dire warnings about what might happen should she fail.  She has very good intentions, but her charges are not as receptive to her help as she hoped.

This is a story of healing, of growth, and the discovery of love.  As always Ms. Sinclair's well-drawn  characters make this tale come alive on the page.  Their emotional depth make them real to the reader.  It is a charming read, one that will make you smile and cheer for Dora and her charges as they all learn unexpected things.

For anyone wanting to escape their everyday stressful world, this is the novel for you.  So curl up with this good book and let your troubles slip away.  I know mine did. 

I hope there will be a sequel someday.

Another good one, Ms. Sinclair!


Dora DeAngelo is one of the most inept angels Heaven has ever had the misfortune to employ in the Celestial Maintenance Department.

As a last result, Dora is sent to Earth. For the three weeks prior to Christmas, she must help a mortal family and then return to Heaven on Christmas Eve. During that time, she must help a man find his faith in family again, and his ability to trust in love. Dora must also help a little girl become a child again and get past the guilt she feels for the death of her parents. Doing so, Dora finds more than just a challenge in her questionable angel skills.

Will Dora lose her wings? Or will she gain something she has always wanted with all her heart? Her family...and love. And the hope for a future she only dreamed of...

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  1. Sharon, I agree with you. I would love to see another story branch off this novel. Angel Unaware is a heart-warming story that will keep you glued to the book until you close the final page.