Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Starfish Objective

Some wonderful people I know have started a webpage on Facebook, entitled The Starfish Objective.
It's sole purpose is to spread positive energy and celebrate the good things people do. 

In our time of negatively charged current events, nightly news, family discussions, political arguments, etc, we need some positive energy and the reminder that despite what Lex Luthor said in the original Superman movie, there is good in the world.  Even Anne Frank wrote she believed that people were basically good at heart.  If she could believe that, given her situation, anybody can, just open to the possibilities.

The webpage will be sharing stories of people who do good in the world and people to whom something good is done.

The other day a stranger two cars up in the line paid for my latte at Starbuck's.  No reason given, except to say "have a good day."  And no, I'm not some young blonde hottie, as you can plainly see by my picture.  I was astonished when I reached the window and was told a stranger had already paid for my coffee.  He was paying it forward. 

I was asked to share the story on the webpage.  I was honored to do so.

Paying it forward - The concept has been around for centuries, as in "do unto others" - and no, that phrase does not end with "before they do unto you."  The true concept was wonderfully promoted by a film made in 2000, entitled "Pay It Forward" - based on a novel, in which the character of a child put forth the idea and touched people to pay it forward.  In other words, do good deeds for others for all the good deeds he received.  In the film, the character promoted doing three acts for each one he received.

This is also known as "random acts of kindness."  You'd be surprised how much little things matter to a stranger.  It can make the difference in their day.  It can make a difference in yours. 

The concept is being practiced all over.  It just doesn't get much press.  But when your day is stress-filled, your mind cluttered with all that is wrong with your life, your situation, act of kindness from a stranger can turn it all around - take you out of the quagmire in which you have been sinking.  It can remind you to step back from the stress.  The world is much brighter when you do.  It doesn't have to cost any money - help an elderly person take their groceries to their car, or put the home-delivered newspaper by the door when it's in the yard (if you see a home-delivered newspaper these days.)  Just do something kind.

I encourage you to go to the webpage.  I further encourage you to do something nice for a stranger.  You'll feel better and you'll make the world better.  Try it.

Check out the link:

Take care, everybody, and let's be kind out there...Calling all angels.


  1. I called out for an angel, and there you were! I totally heart you, Sharon.

    1. The feeling is mutual, but I am no angel, thanks for the promotion, though.