Friday, January 4, 2013


I have to admit when I'm not writing or doing other things on my computer, the television is turned on in my place.  I like the background noise.

But honestly, I don't watch much on the major networks.  I like the series on cable channels.

I originally got hooked watching "True Blood" because I am a great fan of the wonderful Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris.  I get each book the day it's released, always have.  When HBO announced a few seasons ago they were doing a series based on the books, I was concerned I wouldn't like it.  When the series started, it differed in some plotlines from the books but took on a great life of its own.  I've watched every season faithfully.

That led me to other cable series primarily on HBO, such as the short-lived Number One Ladies Detective Agency, as well as Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Newsroom, Dramaville (on BBCAmerica), and Homeland (on Showtime).

Homeland concluded its second season last month.  It's a fascinating premise for a story.  An American Marine is captured in Afghanistan and held for eight years by Al Qaeda operatives.  When he is "rescued", a female CIA analyst hears from one of her sources that an American soldier held captive has been turned and will return to the US to commit acts of terrorism.

The first season is about his return to his family, who believed he was dead.  They all moved on with their lives.  His wife is involved with his best friend.  His kids depend on "Uncle Mike" as much as their mother does.  Sgt. Brody's return is a shock for all of them.  He has a difficult time adjusting to life back home.  In flashbacks, we learned that he was tortured and left in a hole for years, barely alive.

Meantime, Carrie, the CIA analyst, doesn't trust Brody and is sure he's the prisoner her source meant.  While he does some things to indicate he was indeed turned, he doesn't go through with the one major thing he was asked to do.

Throw into the mix that Carrie and Brody are highly attracted to each other and you have an intricate plot.

By the second season, Brody is a congressman, elected to cover the term of another.  He is paraded as an American hero.  But the viewers are still not sure where his loyalty lies, even after the second season conclusion. 

The end of each episode leaves you craving the next one.  It's a fascinating web of subplots and intrigue.  The scripts are well-written and portrayed by a talented cast.  Damien Lewis plays Sgt. Brody.  Claire Danes plays Carrie.  Mandy Patinkin plays Carrie's superior at the CIA.

It has won Emmy Awards and is nominated for several Golden Globes.  It has also been hilariously spoofed on Saturday Night Live.  It's on the episode with Anne Hathaway that originally aired right before Les Miserables premiered.  Catch it when it's repeated.  The Homeland spoof was wonderful.

The first season is out on dvd.  Check it out if you like a good drama with action on the side.

Warning, the program is for adults, with a few realistic sex scenes, flashbacks on torture, and some violence.

Do you like Homeland, already watch it?  Let me know...

In the meantime, get ready, Game of Thrones is coming back!  I have to see what's going on with the Mother of Dragons.

Until next time, take care.

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