Sunday, January 20, 2013

Forever Fall by Elizabeth Sinclair

Bestselling author, Elizabeth Sinclair, has written her third novel for her Hawks Mountain sweet romance series.  

Forever Fall, which was released late in 2012, continues the story of the citizens of Carson, West Virginia.  The story revolves around a social worker, Amantha James, and the attractive but troublesome high school principal, Lucas Michaels.  Mandy wants to purchase a number of infant simulators or robo babies as teaching tools.  She wants to curb teenage pregnancy.  The robo babies, programmed to cry intermittently, will teach the high school students how hard it is to care for an infant.

When the school board members balk at Mandy's plan, one of the most prominent members, Catherine Daniels, suggests a compromise.  Her teen aged granddaughter, Shannon, wants to have a baby.  Catherine has a remote vacation home.  She suggests that Mandy and Lucas share the home with Shannon and grade her performance as a mother to the robo baby.

They reluctantly accept.  It is a plan fraught with peril, but one through which they all learn important life lessons with surprising results.  Add in other characters with their own agendas and the search to solve a decades old mystery and you have a lively story.

As in the two previous books in this series, Hawks Mountain and Summer Rose, Ms. Sinclair has created warm and vivid characters in the small town.  The people are exceptionally drawn with a wide variety of personalities.  They read as real people with problems, solutions, and true to life relationships.

The stories are all linked in the diary of Granny Jo, the most memorable in a cast of wonderful characters.  Each of the novels has been excellent and Forever Fall is no exception.

I for one cannot wait to see what Granny Jo says in her diary in the upcoming Winter Magic

You will enjoy these terrific books.  They are wonderful reading.

Below is a blurb about the upcoming book, Winter Magic.  Enjoy!!!

WINTER MAGIC – Book #4 in the Hawks Mountain series will be released by Bell Bridge Books in November 2013
Kindergarten teacher, Andrea Cameron, would love to spice up her humdrum life with some excitement . . . and maybe even a special man. However, when her identical twin sister ends up in the hospital and asks Andrea to pose as her to close a deal with the most eligible bachelor in Carson, it’s a bit more excitement and a bit more man than she had in mind. But all hope of ever having a relationship with him hangs from the thin thread of what he’ll do when her true identity is revealed.
Since his beloved mother died on Christmas Day, Jonathan Prince hates Christmas, but it seems to be coming at him from all sides. As an added aggravation, he has to plan and pull off a profitable charity event or watch his dead mother’s foundation collapse. When the normal event planner retires weeks before the event, he’s forced to hire an unknown company, but in doing so finds a woman who takes up residence in his mind and claims his heart.

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  1. Having read the first three Hawk's Mountain books, I eagerly await the fourth. Terrific Southern fiction by Elizabeth Sinclair!