Thursday, July 21, 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call?


Yep, today I went to the early show of the new Ghostbusters movie. Laughed my fool head off. Yes, some things were a bit familiar, but a lot of it was new.

The great cast includes Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and the incomparable Melissa McCarthy. This one not only has an all female team of ghostbusters, they also hire the world's dumbest secretary for his beefcake status...Chris Hemsworth does a surprising comic turn as Kevin, who took the glass out of his eyeglasses because it was always getting dirty. I never thought of him as a comedian, but he did a great job in this one. Stay tuned through the entire credits at the end and watch Hemsworth do his John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever, impersonation, complete with the disco floor. Yep, he can dance in a funny way, too.

Three of the original Ghostbusters (Harold Ramis died in 2014) have roles in this one, too. Bill Murray has a funny bit as a debunker who doesn't believe in ghosts. Dan Aykroyd has a great scene as a cab driver, it's a real hoot. Ernie Hudson shows up at the end in a surprising role. Oh yes and Mr. Stay Puft, the marshmallow man, makes an appearance stomping his way through NYC once again.  (Guess he never makes it to Camp Oconda.)

There are other familiar faces from the original, both human and CGI. There are some funny cameos such as Ozzy Osbourne in the middle of a scene of ghosts flying around him. You may be amazed who all you see.

Neal Casey does a good job as the evil bellhop who wants to rule the supernatural world and wants NYC citizens to be punished for their lack of appreciation for his genius.

This one had me laughing uproariously.  Good thing the theater only had one other couple in attendance. I tell you retirement is wonderful. You can get in to any movie if you go to the 10:00 am showing.

If you want a laugh-a-minute film, where you don't have to think or ask sociological questions, go see this one. It's hysterical, light-hearted summer fun. I look forward to the time when I watch it again.

Star Trek Beyond opens tonight but starts its official run tomorrow.  I will be there next Monday or Tuesday at their first show!!! Looking forward to it...

It's a good summer for movies. Check out something at your favorite theater.

"I ain't afraid of no ghost!!!"

Until next time...