Friday, July 8, 2016

A Former Dallasite Responds

When is it going to be enough? How many African-Americans have to be killed by zealot police officers before this insanity comes to an end?

Appalled and furious at the images from the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, I want all the officers involved to be investigated and indicted. Thank Heavens for witnesses with iPhones.  These are crimes that cannot be swept under the carpet, pretending they never happened. Maybe in this day of amateur videographers on every street in the nation, these horrific incidents will not occur again. We can only pray such things will be consigned to history as a new age of understanding and brotherhood begins.

We are all Americans, folks, no matter our ethnicity or national origin. We have the make-up our founding fathers envisioned. America was formed as a place of opportunity, of refuge from oppression, of freedom to practice any religion our citizens may choose, of the freedom to speak our minds.  We were born to be a diverse nation. Every single one of our citizens is entitled to all these rights

Our country will continue to be diverse even if a mass deportation were to occur. Contrary to popular belief during our current presidential campaign, this country is not going to deport millions of people. For one thing, we lack the funding to hire enough Federal employees to accomplish such a task. And given the deadlocked congress I doubt they would pass a spending bill for such an action.

It's time the bigots, racists, and just plain hate-filled people get over it. Suck it up, Bubba. The 1950s are long gone. Injustice can no longer be tolerated.

In the toxic atmosphere of racial hatred, the massacre of Dallas Police Officers was conceived. The city of my childhood and my young adult years has come a long way in tolerance from my first years as a resident.

Seen now as a model city for Police cooperation with all citizens, Big D is often cited as an example for other cities to follow. As one of the speakers at today's all-faith prayer service for the slain said, the citizens of Dallas learned painful lessons from the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Ironically, the perch of the sniper of last night's attack, is just up the road from where JFK was murdered. You may not know that and it certainly wasn't publicized, but I know it. I've been by there many times. That more heinous violence occurred in the vicinity of the assassination literally makes me sick.

In fact, I went to El Centro college for the first year and a half of my college career. I only left El Centro to go on to a four year school and complete my degree. I went to school in their old building and parked in a hotel parking lot. Even so, this struck home to me with vivid reality.

Hatred and bigotry kills.  It has been a contributing factor to all wars the US has fought since before our birth in 1776.

We are one world. We are all homo sapiens, human beings, no matter the country of our origin, or ethnicity. Would it take an alien invasion to make us stop trying to destroy each other and ourselves?

Yeah, yeah I know we are alpha predators. But we were all gifted with the ability to think as well. All it takes is a step toward the light...

Please for the sake of your children and their children, stop the hatred and come together to make a better world, before it is too late.

And if you think I'm not serious about this, I'm typing with sutures on my index hurts, but I don't care. This message is too important.

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