Saturday, June 18, 2016

Turtle Woman

On rare occasions, I witness something beautiful and wonderous in nature. No, I'm not seeing platypuses again. The otters have not returned, nor the muskrat. Since they turned the big fountain back on in the lake, most of the birds have stayed away.

Yesterday I was working in my office and turned to my printer.  Something drew my attention outside. There on the sloping edge of the yard, a mama turtle was busily laying her eggs in the sparse grass and sandy soil. I watched her for a few minutes, glad I had seen film footage of turtles burying their eggs. Otherwise I don't know what I would think she was doing.

I don't know how many eggs she buried. She was a good-sized creature. Her shell measured probably 14-16 inches in length. Her head and neck extended another 5 inches or so. When I left my office about 20 minutes later, she was still out there doing her job.

In spirituality terms for some Native Americans, the appearance of a turtle in your life or your journeys (or meditations) signifies a pregnancy - nope not me that ship sailed long ago - longevity - or awakening to new possibilities.  I'll be interested to see what comes to pass.

On my last trip to Hawaii on the Big Island I met a kahuna. I learned later this unassuming man was known and revered internationally.  His signed pictures of the Dalai Llama and other spiritual teachers should have clued me in to his prominence.

At any rate, he insisted we stop on our way back from Kona to Hilo at a state park and historic site, Puuhonua O Honaunau, also known as the City of Refuge. In ancient times a warrior or anyone else could seek sanctuary there from his enemies. The refuge was honored by all people. Although it's also where they killed the Englishman who discovered their paradise, Captain Cook - go figure. Maybe they saw the future of their islands, taken over by foreign interests.

Legend said a great turtle ruled over the place. Indeed there is a small pond located back from the shoreline. Occasional bubbles rise to the surface which Hawaiians say is proof the turtle is in the pond.

So my friend and I stopped there late in the afternoon. The sun was already dropping toward the horizon. No one else was there when we arrived. We each went exploring in different areas.

Okay here's the deal, I studied different forms of spirituality - not religion. There are incredible worlds out there which can be reached by certain forms of meditation or since I had shamanic training, journeys. Usually you prepare to journey and state your intent. Once in a while it happens with no preparation - just zip and you're traveling. No I don't take drugs or drink alcohol.

At Puuhonua O Honaunau it happened to me. I met the spiritual turtle who guided me on an incredible experience. It was so incredible I had a really hard time coming down.

Funny thing was I started to chant, which I've been known to do. Wish I'd had my drum, but it didn't make the trip.  The kahuna and I discussed how we made our drums when I met him. He told me he'd always made the drum head out of shark's skin, the traditional way for his people. But he could no longer find anyone willing to go fish for the shark. So he ordered rawhide (cow) from Tandy Leather in Fort Worth. We had a good laugh because that's where I ordered the rawhide for my drum heads. Although I did order elkhide for the best drum I ever made...sorry I digress as usual.

Okay, okay, I was chanting not seeing who or what was around me. The next thing I knew there was a flash right in my eyes which brought me back.

I blinked and saw the sun was just about gone on the horizon. A tourist in polyester had put her camera right in my face, snapped a picture, and scuttled off to her companion saying, "I just got a picture of a real Hawarrian!" She giggled as she jiggled to the parking lot.

Angry at first at the loss of my journey, the connection broke and it was time to leave. I realized later - much later, it was supposed to happen that way.  I certainly didn't want to come back. We were always warned in our classes about being so enthralled we would not want to come back. At the time I was in that spiritual world I wanted to stay. In retrospect, the prospect frightens me.

Luckily my friend was driving. She guided me to the car, opened the door and pushed me inside. I was still very out of it. She insisted on stopping to get some take-out for us.  When she did, she insisted I eat right away.  It's the best way to ground yourself after such an experience. I couldn't tell you exactly what she brought me, only knew it was Asian.

As to what the turtle showed me/told me, that's private. But last night, I hit myself in the head and went "duh!" Seeing the turtle yesterday gained meaning for me.

Sometimes it takes time to work it all out.

Our country has been embroiled in lots of conflict in the last few months - first with the combatting candidates trying to gain the nominations for President; the presumptive nominees - neither of which appeal to some voters - recently we have experienced the horrendous killings in Orlando and the beautiful two-year-old who was dragged to his death by an alligator at a popular theme park.

I've about had it with the news lately - way too much negativity. And one final point I am still in mourning for my late father.

Is it any wonder the turtle showed up for me? I'm glad she did. I will watch over her eggs for her.

Here's a picture of me from a couple of years ago with the elk hide drum I made.

Blessings to you all.

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