Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kristin Painter's wonderful series - Nocturne Falls

Kristin Painter created a town somewhere in Georgia, where everyday is Halloween.  The town is named Nocturne Falls.

So far six full novels and a couple of short works are published. I just finished reading #6, The Shifter Romances the Writer. It's about a human romance writer whose best friend is married to one of the creators of Nocturne Falls.  After a messy break-up, our heroine is persuaded to move to Nocturne Falls.

The only trouble is, this town where everyday is Halloween (their town motto), a tourist trap for people wanting a fun vacation - is filled with and run by real supernaturals.  They work very hard to make sure the tourists never catch on.

There are gargoyles decorating the fountains and patrolling the skies; vampires walking around the streets; a vampire has a sweet shop where she makes delectable candy and incredible cakes and pies. The friendly neighborhood jewelry designer is fae. The bridal shop is run by a powerful witch. A werewolf owns and operates the local biker bar, where the burgers are huge and irresistible, and her brother is the town's sheriff.

This is the one town where the supernaturals can be who they are with regular people none the wiser.  It's a great premise for the series.

There is also a spin-off series, "The Jayne Frost Mysteries." So far, there has been one novel in the series. I'm hoping for many more.  You see Jayne Frost, the daughter of Jack Frost, is an elf with brilliant investigative skills.

Ms. Painter writes an enjoyable book filled with comedy and drama.  The reader comes to care about these beings and their daily struggles.

Check out this terrific series of entertaining and fun novels.

Oh and she posted on Facebook there is now an adult coloring book based on the series. Two bad I can't stay within the lines!


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