Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Last Move by Liz Sinclair

Liz Sinclair, aka Elizabeth Sinclair known for her popular Hawks Mountain series, has written such a tense, vivid account of a cruel murdering arsonist that the reader can smell the smoke and feel the cinders.

In fact, this novel scared me so badly that I quit reading it late at night by the light of my Kindle Fire.  Remember I am a fan of the paranormal and a student of aberrant human behavior with a special interest in serial killers. So if it scared me....just sayin'.

Ms. Sinclair draws the reader into the world of a warped mind bent on destruction and revenge, making each move toward the intended climax like a skilled master of chess.

The Last Move is the story of Katie Sullivan, daughter of the late James Sullivan who was the Fire Chief and the first to die an excruciating death in the prologue.  Truth be told when I read the prologue, I had to put it down and find something light to read or I wasn't going to sleep that night.

Katie is obsessed with catching her father's murderer and engages the willing Chessman in a game of moves and counter moves.  Katie has also been involved in a relationship with Sheriff Drew Winters, a handsome Seminole.  (Sigh, Ms. Sinclair has given us a gorgeous hero...)

Though the relationship has cooled due to Katie's obsession, the sparks still fly and ignite at times, hotter than the fires they investigate.

The Last Move is a thrilling ride from beginning to end.  It could haunt your dreams.  Turn up the air conditioning!

Another wonderful job, Ms. Sinclair!


Murder is the goal. Fire is the weapon. 

Called the Chessman for the game pieces left behind in the wake of deadly fires, the arsonist is intent on making The Last Move. Arson Investigator Katie Sullivan is determined to find the serial arsonist who murdered her father, but the arsonist is playing a deadly game with her, and only the winner will live.

Sheriff Drew Winters is just as determined to keep Katie, the woman he loves, alive and, if need be, save her from herself and her blind, reckless quest to succeed. They were a couple before and could be one again.

Flames and death await them at every turn. Can they survive? Who will die and who will ultimately declare checkmate depends on Katie's skill as an arson investigator and Drew's abilities as a detective to outsmart the Chessman.

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  1. Sharon, thanks so much for your wonderful compliments.

  2. You are very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed the novel. Just one question. However did you get Kellie to pose for the cover?