Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Dove by Dinah McCall

Dinah McCall has released her sequel to her award-winning novel, Windwalker.  The sequel is called The Dove.  It's another beautiful story of ancient prophecies fulfilled.  This is the story of the Windwalker's daugter, Tihen, who, like her mother before her, has a monumental task to complete.  Like Layla Birdsong who became known as Singing Bird, Tihen is certainly up to the challenge.  Shattering sacrifices must be endured if she is to succeed.

Tihen is surrounded by those who love her and follow her willingly in her quest.  Her man, Yuma, who has loved her since she was a child is by her side.  Together they face unthinkable obstacles to find what they seek.

There is one scene with a buffalo herd so lovely in its implication that I cried reading it.

Ms. McCall has written another powerful story in The Prophecy Series.  The one, like the first, has memorable characters who face terrible obstacles in their determination to fulfill prophecy.

This magical story will keep you spellbound. If you like Native American stories of love and spirituality, grab this one.  It will grab you. (So will the gorgeous cover.)

If you've never read a story like this, but like solid love stories, grab this one. 


The Dove
Two young lovers

Born to rewrite the future by reliving the past.



A Windwalker’s daughter, born into an ancient Mayan world as the peacemaker destined to change the fate of the Native American race.


A boy from the future thrust into the past pledges his life, love, and allegiance to a Windwalker’s daughter, and in doing so, becomes the Eagle who watches over the Dove.

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  1. If I didn't already have this on my Kindle, I'd be headed over to buy it right now. Great review. Beautiful cover, too.

  2. Enjoy it, Skye, it is a wonderful story.