Friday, February 7, 2014

Dixie Cowboy by Dolores J. Wilson

One of my favorite authors, Dolores J. Wilson, has written another winner.  Her latest novel is Dixie Cowboy.  It is the story of Katlyn Mays, only daughter of the town's wealthiest banker.  Her job at the bank includes delivering foreclosure notices to local landowners who are behind on their payments.  It is the least favorite duty she has - although to be fair, she doesn't really like her job at all.

On one such visit to notify the landowner of foreclosure, she meets handsome cowboy, Tyler Davis, who is trying to save the Dixie Rooster ranch for his uncle Frank.  Needless to say, Katlyn is affected by the meeting so much that she makes a life-changing decision.  That's where the fun begins.

Known for writing lively scenes and great humorous dialogue, Ms. Wilson has incorporated her talents into a contemporary love story.  The sense of humor is there in her scenes and her dialogue, but the love story of Katy and Tyler is not without its conflicts.  The reader is drawn through the story, wondering how the conflicts will be resolved.

The characters are lively, real, and sexy as all get-out.  It is a most enjoyable read. 

Good job, Ms. Wilson!

Check it out, you'll like it.



How can a city girl resist a Dixie cowboy?
Serve those foreclosure papers, or find another job.

Katlyn Mays never defies her dad's orders, but how can she bear to evict elderly Frank Davis from his beautiful Georgia ranch, not to mention evicting Tyler Davis, the incredibly sexy cowboy who's fighting to save it for his Uncle Frank?

Her gaze snapped to the message board on the porch. Hiring: Someone to handle reservations, make deposits, pay bills, and manage housekeeping staff. The Dixie Rooster is a working dude ranch.
"Hi, there," Frank Davis said. "I take it you're the reporter from the Cantor Gazette?"

Confused, Katy stammered for a second then found her voice. "No, sir. I'm Katlyn-"

"Tyler?" Mr. Davis looked at the tall cowboy standing next to his wheel chair. "Didn't you tell me the reporter from the newspaper was here?"

"I'm Tyler Davis." The cowboy shook her hand. "I'll be managing the ranch until Uncle Frank gets back on his feet."

He held her hand longer than necessary. Blood hummed through her veins. Captured by his gaze and lost in the crystal blue of his eyes, she felt their power to the bottom of her stomach.

"Well, Katy," Tyler said, "what can we help you with?"

Panic forced a knot in her throat. Impulsively, she ripped the want ad from the message board and then shook it slightly in Tyler's direction. "I want this job."

Dolores Wilson is multi-published in women's fiction. Her novel BIG HAIR AND FLYING COWS was nominated for the Publishers Weekly Quill Award as one of the top 100 humorous books in the United States.

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