Thursday, August 22, 2013

True Blood - Season 6

Can you believe it?  True Blood has been on for six years now.  Sunday night was the season finale of Season 6.  I have to say I liked this one better than Season 5.

BEWARE! SPOILER ALERTS all over the place...

I knew Warlow was up to no good.  I am glad he got his comeuppance.  I am glad Niall was freed from the dimension in which Warlow put him.

I am glad the vamps were freed from the ghastly prison and even glad that the governator met his just desserts.  That's one of the things I like about TB.  The bad guys usually get what's coming to them.  Love that karmic justice!

I am glad that Sookie and Alcide are together, at least for a while.  Neither one of them seems good at maintaining long-term relationships.  (Well, that's an understatement, Miss Thing!)

I am glad that Tara and her often ditzy mother have made up to some degree anyway.  I'm glad Andy's fairy daughter Adalynn has found her light and is learning its uses.

I am MOST glad that Bill is back to himself, that he realizes his love for Sookie again, although she doesn't reciprocate and probably never will.  I always liked the old Bill best of all the vamps.

It's a bit weird to see Arlene as the charitable owner of what was Merlotte's.  I wonder if Sookie still works there?

It's also a bit weird to see Sam as the mayor of Bon Temps.  It's so weird in fact that the first time I saw the final episode, I thought the minister addressed him as "Mr. Mayes."  I thought, "gee, did he change his name?"  But on second viewing I got that it was "mayor."

I'm not worried about Eric.  After all Bill greeted the sun in an earlier episode and survived okay.  I have a feeling Eric may be just fine.  He could bury himself in the snow, after all.  If Eric is truly gone that would be a travesty.  But we won't know until next June.  I'm willing to bet Pam will find a way to help him.  Remember, we don't know where she is.

But I have to say the thing I disliked the most about this season was the fact that Terry Bellefleur died.  He was such a sympathetic character.  He did have a lovely funeral with the most poignant moment being his friend and associate in the kitchen, Big John, singing beautifully at the service.  I am going to miss Terry very much.  The character was wonderful as was Todd Lowe's portrayal of him.

As for the cliff-hanger at the end, well we just have to wait until next June to find out what happened, if the non-infected vamps protect their humans...

All in all, it has been an enjoyable season.  I'll probably buy the dvd set when it comes out...

In a side note, SyFy channel is showing Sharknado YET AGAIN tonight to be followed by their newest shark opus Ghost Shark, which apparently can appear in any water and eat the unwary...

I've got four words for the silliest shark movie of them all - Jersey Shore Shark Attack...I watched that this morning on SyFy during a violent rainstorm.  So there wasn't much else to do.  Actually, it was pretty funny.  I am part Italian after all.  It was a huge farce.  That's not necessarily a bad thing some noted playwrights and writers have written successful farces - anybody ever heard of the infamous Moliere?

Until next time, enjoy pop culture and stay away from sharks...

Oh yes, I'm looking forward to seeing City of Bones, the first Mortal Instrument movie.  I finished the book last week.  It was great!

Also on my list for viewing is The World's End.  I LOVE Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  They make such hilarious and irreverent films.  This one looks to be wonderful...


  1. In “Who Are You, Really?” the premiere of True Blood sixth season DVD , we get one semi-major death, a coupla big entrances (ack! — it’s The Hitcher!), a werewolf ménage à trois and the perfect new nickname for the post-Lilith merger Bill: Billith. (Well done on that one, Pam. As usual.) So what do you say? Shall we dive in?
    At least a half-dozen significant characters left True Blood season 6 dvd one way or another in Sunday’s season finale. But the biggest departure took place off screen: girls series 3 dvd The episode was series creator Alan Ball’s last as showrunner. Before we let him hand over the reins to new boss Mark Hudis, though, we have one last job for him to do — to answer all of our burning questions about the finale, once upon a time season 1-2 dvd about the season as a whole and, since he’ll still be an exec producer, give us a sneak peek at True Blood season 6 DVD ! Okay, so we have several last jobs for him to do. Read on. He’s up to the task(s).

    1. Alan Ball has been incredible with True Blood. I'm sure he'll do his best to satisfy the legions of Trubies. I'm really wondering how season 7 will play out. How will they resolve the existing plotlines and what new ones will be introduced? As a fan of the books, I am completely in the dark, as to what TB will do next and to whom! But that's okay. I like the suspense.