Monday, June 24, 2013


Hi everybody!

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately.  But the truth is, I am in the middle of an intensive online writing workshop with LOTS of homework.  Of course I would be working on two different novels and using them both for the homework.

For the True Blood fans out there - FINALLY, in episode 2, there is some semblance to a plotline from one of Charlaine Harris' wonderful books.  Glad to see you Niall!  After the first episode, they had me worried. 

And what's up with Falling Skies?  Now, that's what I call a cliff-hanger ending to this week's episode!

I'll get back to you when the homework for this workshop is all done, probably later in the week.

Until then, just picture me hunched over my computer, my glasses reflecting the screen, as I write furiously!

Eventually I plan to get to the theater to see World War Z, but you know, homework comes first...

Enjoy your favorite bits of pop culture.

Later, Gators...

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