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A few words about - Heart of Excellence - In the Flesh - Game of Thrones

Well, today is going to be an eclectic post.  First things first, as I have previously posted, the Ancient City Romance Authors chapter of Romance Writers of America, is holding its annual contest for published writers.

For an informative interview of award-winning author Elizabeth Sinclair about the Heart of Excellence, please go to the wonderful blog of Skye Taylor (also a published author) by clicking on the link below:

"In the Flesh" - for those of you familiar with BBC America, you know the quality of their series, everything from the wonderful "Doctor Who" to "Copper", "Luther"(both soon to return), and "The Hour" which was a hit in the US but not renewed.

This past weekend, BBC America ran a three part series called "In the Flesh."  It was following the current zombie craze, popular world-wide these days.  But this series was a bit different.  The people are called sufferers of "Partially Deceased Syndrome" officially and "rotters" by those who oppose allowing them to come back home.  Those suffering from PDS are rounded up by the government and taken to rehab facilities where they are medicated, given a bit of therapy, and taught to use mousse make-up and contact lenses to make them look normal.  They can walk and talk and think and laugh when properly controlled.  Families get their relatives back from the dead.

Of course the people who formed militias to hunt down the zombies when they returned initially, are not happy about having these "rotters" back in their midst.  The story centers around a young man with PDS who has horrendous memories of his time as a zombie.  While there is some gory imagery in this series, it is very minimal.  Otherwise I would not have watched it.  As it was, I watched it with the tv remote close at hand in case I had to flip the channel quickly.  Yeah, I know I'm a chicken sometimes...

"In the Flesh" was fascinating.  The young man, Kieran, had killed himself, then risen from the grave as a ravenous zombie.  Given to depression, his PDS and memories of his activities haunted him.  His sister had joined a militia group and had blown away the affected.  Happy homecoming, huh?  He didn't want to stay but had nowhere else to go.

Then his closest and dearest friend, also suffering from PDS, a war casualty, returned to town.  Matters were exacerbated.  His father was the leader of the militia and expected his son to be the same.  Needless to say it led to conflict, big time.

"In the Flesh" will likely be repeated.  It is available on demand from most cable companies that carry BBC America.  Check it out, it's a different take on zombies.

Of course, I have to say one of my favorite zombie flicks is "Shaun of the Dead" starring Simon Pegg, aka Montgomery Scott in Abrams' Star Trek series.  What a hoot that movie is!  The same production team is coming out with another one later this year.  I'm looking forward to it.

Then, too, there is "World War Z" coming out this month starring Brad Pitt and a huge cast, brought to us by the team who did "Independence Day" among others.

Okay, on to the finale of "Game of Thrones" - well, I'm glad no other character I liked was massacred, although Jon Snow came pretty close at the hands of the woman he loved.  Why did she keep shooting him with arrows?  Didn't want him to go?  Just in a fit of pique? "I'll make you sorry?" Whatever it was, it was too much.  Glad he made it back to Castle Black and theWatch where they can take care of him.

Arya has taken up the gauntlet and begun the revenge for her murdered family members.  She's a pretty efficient little killer.

I'm glad, I guess, that Jamie Lanister made it home.  Don't know what will become of him or his lady companion. 

Tyrion and Sansa seem to be getting along all right, but I worry for her safety in such a family.  Wonder what they'd do if they knew Arya is alive and determined? Or that Bran is becoming a powerful being?

Maybe the Nightwalkers will come after them.  At least Joffrey, please?!!!!  Put us all out of our misery and whack that bozo!

My usual complaint was true last night, too - there was too little of Dany and her dragons.  BUT, and it's a big one, the final scene with all the freed slaves filling the scope of the scene and calling her Mhysa (Mother) as her dragons flew overhead was another memorable one.  I like the one where the dragons hatched better, but this one was good, too.  Those dragons, which I thought were all CGI, are puppets.  They look amazing.  I imagine some of their movements are computer enhanced.

So now we have to wait a year to find out what will happen.  Sigh...

Oh well, next week "True Blood" returns and from the trailers, it looks to be a good season.  At least Bill is no longer the blood monster he was at the end of last season.  Maybe he was just worried during filming that season because his real-life wife who plays Sookie, was pregnant with twins...She does look very different in the trailers for this season.

I've been going around twanging - "I want to do bad things with you..." that's the theme music for "True Blood."  I'm ready for my vamps, werewolves, shifters, and all manner of supes.  Come on home, folks!

In the meantime, enjoy our pop culture in whatever forms you fancy!  There's a lot out there from which to choose.

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