Saturday, April 1, 2017

April , not in Paris

It's now  April about two and a half months after I had my stroke. At first my memory was a mess, but it is improving now after a few weeks of trying to think through a Swiss cheese brain.  Alas, no more cheese for me of any kind.  You should see me.  My face is actually bony in places. I weigh less than I have in at least 20 years .  Kinda cool to have a baggy wardrobe and skinny ankles. But honestly it's obvious I have been ill.
My memory is mostly back.  Now if I can't remember something, it comes back to me in seconds, ,not quite as fast as before the stroke but much faster than right after it.
At my doctor's insistence I still have 24-7 attendant care, which is costing me a fortune. I'm stubborn and want to live at home with my little elderly dogs. They are the best therapy for me. Oh, and speaking of therapy, last Friday, I was released from all therapy. But I have to see a cardiologist to resume my exercises. Needless to say I am much improved and aced all the memory tests in my last session.

I am hopeful to be free of the attendant care when the doctor sees me later this month, at least a big reduction of hours anyway.

So take heart, dear friends, except for needing transportation, I'm alive and kicking!

Take care.

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