Friday, February 10, 2017

Redefined Ruby or Bold Bordeaux?

Hello. I want to apologize for being offline for a bit. My pink PC died not once but twice in about eight days. So she's been to Geek Squad twice in that time period. I already decided to replace her. She is getting old and her software is woefully out of date.

I've got a new blue laptop ordered with 1terabyte of storage to accommodate my manuscripts. It's also got brand new software. That'll be a trip! It will go to Geek Squad to get set up and then I'll be up and rolling.

It's horrible when a writer is "in the zone" working on a manuscript and can't finish what she's started. In this case I was beginning the last (I hope) serious edit of my serial killer novel. Oh well, my brain has been working in the meantime. Just hope I remember all the changes I want to make...We'll see.

I've actually got a couple of film reviews to post here, but that will be next week probably.

Tomorrow my chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America) is having an event at a local library with panels of authors discussing some of the processes in writing romance particularly and other novel forms. A novel is a novel with some of the things recommended across the genres of fiction.

So our event is well-publicized. We are going to present panels of published authors speaking about various aspects. My two are How to Go Back to the Past - or writing Historical fiction...I'm prepared with a very short presentation - Google it...Actually I've got more than that to say.

And then I'm also on How to Make Your Bad Guy other words how to write a successful villain. I can talk for days about The Inquisitor, but I won't. I'll just touch on a few of the things which make a good villain - someone who can appear non-threatening - who is devoid of compassion - who  has years of rage stored up inside just screaming to get out...yep, that does it. Think Theodore Robert Bundy, one of the most written about serial killers of our time.

Of course, we will be allowed to have a book sale tomorrow as well. So each of us has to set up our table with books for sale, little tchotchkes to give away...preferably with the cover of one of your novels on it or at least the title...check, got those. Got my new business cards with a graphic of a woman with a haircut like mine, dark hair (yep, the blue is gone now) and bright red lips. That's my new brand. So I went out and bought a couple of kinds of red lipstick, took photos of me wearing each of them and got one picked to use.
Gotta represent!!

Ahh the glamorous life!! Ha, that's a good any more while you're wearing your Bold Bordeaux lipstick, honeybun?

Nah, I think I've done enough damage for one day.

Remember more movie reviews will come this next week now that my computer is up and running.

Have a great weekend...Unless you're a diehard Patriots fan, forget about the Superbowl, except for Lady Gaga - a wonderful performance. Who knew she was so athletic?

Besides to quote an old country song from the late 70s "Cause the Superbowl ain't the Superbowl, if the Dallas Cowboys ain't there..."

Until next time...


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