Thursday, November 3, 2016

Theme from "Jaws", ba dum ba dum

It's coming!! I can see the fin in the water!!!

Forgive my silliness, but the election is now five days from today. Did you ever think it would get here? It's been a long, contentious, agonizing period the like of which we've never encountered in the USA.

Don't worry, this isn't going to be a diatribe for either of the candidates for President. In fact, it has nothing to do with them at all. So take a breath...

No, I'd like to offer some common sense about after the election. Whoever is elected for the office of President, and the down slate of positions (Senate, House, State Legislators, State Judges, Local offices, etc.) - Some people will be very upset if their candidates lose.

Okay, here's my pitch to all of you out there. If we have more of the recent pattern of refusing to work with the opposition we've seen in our Congress over the last eight years, very little will get done. We'll continue to deal with an enormous national debt; health care requirements that do not work; government funding that does not get fixed; issues for our infrastructure (you know like crumbling bridges on the Interstates which fall down and kill people?) Just an example of things that benefit our country and its citizens.

I notice the House and Senate always seem to get their operating budgets (including their salaries) voted into law. Funny thing about that.

What I am asking you to remember is that all of these people work for us.  That's why we vote them into office - to do their job, not posture and preen and get all outraged when the cameras are rolling.

We need to work together as Americans to repair the rift in our country.  We're all in this together.

In January when the new administration takes over, I ask you to study the things which you think are important for us. Email, Tweet, or use Facebook. Contact your Congressman or Senator, let them know what you think. Their contact information will be on the Web.

Most of all, please remember, when the elections are over, it won't be "us" and "them" anymore. It will just be us Americans. Let's face it, except for the Native Americans, we are all members of immigrant families who came here seeking a better life. It will be time to compromise and get to work. Hmmm, compromise is a word we haven't heard much lately.

What will I be doing election night? I have to tell you I already voted. I have been avoiding all the hoopla and speculation ever since. I'm sick of the subject and the schism between us. So I'll start out by watching "Star Trek: Beyond" and then settle down to binge watch a bit of  "Longmire."

What do you expect of a self-proclaimed Pop Culture Diva?

Take care and breathe. This will all be over soon...

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