Sunday, April 26, 2015

Broadchurch, Season 2

I didn't imagine what the BBC could do at the end of the first season of Broadchurch to lure me back.  Boy, was I wrong.  The series came back full of dark innuendos, angst, mystery, and madness.

Like the first season, this one was slow paced and somnambulistic, as if the audience slept walked through a nightmare landscape in which everyone and every story dreamed their own reality. There was an ever present undercurrent of tension and anticipation of worse things to come.  The audience was not let down in their expectation.

Like the first season, this one kept me guessing and eagerly awaiting the next episode.  We learned many things about the primary characters in the second season, some of which we did not like.

A cold case from the lead detective's past is introduced.  Instead of one child being murdered, two sisters were involved.  The body of the young one had been found, but the older one disappeared and has never been found.  It is the one case Detective Alec Hardy never solved, the one case that haunts him and made the case in Broadchurch of Danny's murder imperative to clear.

With the trial of Danny's killer going on, the town lives in a state of siege due to the community's interest and presence of the Press, Alex is side-tracked by the cold case of the two sisters.  His past haunts him and robs him of whatever he has left. He enlists Detective Elly Miller's help in solving the cold case for her help and to spare her some of her husband's trial for Danny's murder. It helps as she becomes immersed in the other case with Alec.

Is it solved in the season's ending episode? Yes, though there are loose ends.  But nothing is ever what it seems in the sleepy seaside village of Broadchurch.

I am delighted to announce the third season will film soon. An engaging plot with a talented cast and well-written scripts sometimes adding to the mystery is what you'll find in any season of Broadchurch.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman as Alec and his grudging partner Elly will break your heart in the intensity of their situations. Matched with a fine cast, particularly the addition of longtime British actor Charlotte Rampling in Season 2 (anybody ever see a film called "Georgy Girl"? She played the sex-crazed roommate), Broadchurch boasts a fine ensemble of actors.

Check it out.  I will await the third season.

Until then beware of storms and falling trees...

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