Friday, November 7, 2014

Z Nation and the Zunami

Yes, I know this is quite a turn from the sublimely lovely film "Winter's Tale," but hey the work of a pop culture diva is nothing if not diverse.

Face it boys and girls, zombies are a happenin' thang in our pop culture these days.  Everywhere you go you see the walking dead...well maybe that's an exaggeration and it is only a week after Halloween which could explain the undead onslaught.  Okay, but zombies pervade our pop culture.

In fact a local university beat the existing collegiate record for the most participants of a university reenacting Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video last night.  They had literally thousands of dancers putting on the King of Pop's famous moves.  It even got local news I said, they're everywhere!!

So a week ago tonight on Z Nation, the Sy Fy Channel's homage to the staggering dead, the one that gave us ZNado, came up with the dreaded Zunami, as in Zombie Tsunami, or an ongoing never-ending horde of Zombies trampling the countryside looking for lunch.

In the story, they had scavenged the US from the Canadian border down to Kansas.  An enormous dust cloud announced their approach. I have to say on the flat fields of Kansas, the humans could see them coming from quite a distance. Of course the zombies could also see their prey, hardly a win-win situation for our heroes.

The humans ran to the local mortuary and each hid in the morgue in the refrigerated trays where the corpses were kept in happier times.  I have to admit it was very creepy to watch those shut up on the trays having to lie still and make no noise while the Zs grunted, shuffled, and looked for their next meal.

Most of the live ones survived the Zunami.  I wonder what will happen on tonight's episode...Killer bee zombies?  Who knows...

I wanted to mention a couple of movies that got excellent reviews in our local paper.

"Interstellar" starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway with a host of popular actors in the cast, got a very good review in our local paper.  Which is a rare feat.  But it does sound intriguing and the special effects look incredible.  If you like thought provoking science fiction - the adult kind without transformers, this one might well be for you.

"Birdman" starring Michael Keaton is another well-lauded film opening today.  In it, he plays an actor who in his youth played the Birdman, a popular super hero.  Alas, as he has aged, he has fallen on hard times. Anybody remember when Keaton played Batman? While close to some aspects of his life the film is hardly biographical.  It has gotten wonderful reviews from several sources.  If you're going to see a movie this weekend, consider "Birdman" and do me a favor, let me know how it is...I don't get to the movies anymore, not until they come to video.

Special notice, the third film in the "Hunger Games" franchise - "The Mockingjay, Part. 1" opens in two weeks.

Enjoy our wonderful pop culture - this is a great time for movies when many big ones open to make the Oscar race in time and/or rake in the revenue from all those holiday movie-goers.

Take advantage!

Til next time...

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