Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Search for Mrs Claus

As strange as it may seem, the holidays will be coming up sooner than some of us would like.  We're moving into the early autumn.  Can Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas be far behind?

Normally I'm not in the mood for Christmas until much later in the year.  But I just read a charming holiday novel entitled The Search for Mrs Claus by Courtney Daisey.

In this novel, Santa Claus is forced by ancient prophecy to seek his bride only one week each year.  If he fails, it will be another year before he can resume his search. She has to meet certain requirements and he has certain restrictions under which he must conduct his search.

He decides to spend his week in Quebec.  It is a perfect setting, cold and snow-covered.  On the first day of his quest he meets Sophie Laurent, assistant sous chef, pastry chef, and part-time lounge singer.  There is an electric connection between them from the first meeting. Both are attracted to each other.

There follows a warm, sweet courtship, in which they grow to know each other better.  The attraction builds until he is in danger of breaking the biggest restriction to his search.  Will he make it to the end of his search this time? Is Sophie the one true love he is meant to find?

This lovely confection of a novel would make a great Hallmark Channel Film.

It's a must for all fans of clean romance.


Each year Nicholas Claus searches for the one woman who will fulfill the prophecy foretold

before his time: the one who will become his bride. Has he finally found his future Mrs. Claus

in a young pastry chef from Quebec? With the help of a spunky elf named Kringle, Nick plays the

dating game to win the heart of Sophie Laurent. Will Sophie and Nick be able to earn the love of

the other or will their desires shatter the prophecy and any hope of being together? Humor,

love, and the magic of Christmas all come together to guide Nick and Sophie down the same

path and find love where neither expected it.

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  1. Sounds lovely! I'll have to make time to read it.

    1. I know you'll enjoy it. It's a wonderful story.