Thursday, November 7, 2013

Windwalker by Dinah McCall

Windwalker by the imaginative Dinah McCall is an amazing novel.  In the beginning we meet teacher Layla Birdsong, who is attending an education conference in Chicago.  Late one night, she takes a wrong turn on the mean streets and is attacked by a vicious gang of men, intent on robbery, rape, and murder.  As they begin to carry out their plans for her, she fights back, stabbing one attacker.  Then a whirlwind appears in the alley and morphs into the shape of a warrior, a Native American warrior.

The next thing she knows, she is in her hotel room, naked and bleeding.  She remembers something out of a vision, but is very confused.  The warrior appears before her and tells her she is now a red feather warrior.  She remembers her father telling her that meant she had killed an enemy in battle.  The warrior tells her people will come for her, wanting her help.  He tells her his name is Niyol.  Before the warrior disappears he tells her she is his and that he will return.

The police find the dead men and Layla's purse with her identification.  They are also blown away by the footage from a nearby security camera.  The police come to her hotel room and rush her immediately to the hospital.  There her journey begins to get truly interesting.  She is beset by those that want her to succeed and those that do not.

This is a tale of ancient prophecy of the last days of planet Earth, of the quest to find the way to safety, of an ancient promised fulfilled, and a couple reunited.

Ms. McCall has written a rich story filled with spiritual dreaming.  It is a fascinating tale that will keep the reader turning the page, rushing to know the conclusion.

Published in 2012, it is the first book in the Prophecy series by Ms. McCall.

For all fans of the paranormal, of Native American stories, of suspense, and characters who battle forward through deep adversity, you will love this book.

It took second place in the 2013 Heart of Excellence Readers' Choice Awards for the Paranormal category.

This is a terrific read.  Enjoy!  (Isn't the cover gorgeous?)


Forever Lovers - Forever Lost

Singing Bird: Died in a world just beginning.

Layla Birdsong: Reincarnated as it is coming to an end.

The Danger: A meteor called Firewalker on a collision course with Earth.

Her Mission: Take what's left of the Native American race back to their beginning.

Her Hope:  To change the past and the future will change with it.

Cayetano: From ancient Mayan to Windwalker, an all powerful and angry spirit trapped in eternal punishment for his earthly sins.

His Only Hope: Singing Bird offering up her spirit to undo his curse.

The Risk:  Firewalker - If it comes too soon, before what's left of their people get through the portal, her sacrifice will have been in vain.

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