Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beautiful Imperfection by Kathryn J. Bain

Beautiful Imperfection, the fourth novel by Kathryn J. Bain, follows the tradition of wonderful writing she established with her first novel.

Honestly, she is one of my favorite authors.  Her writing style is clean, concise, with plenty of action to keep the reader's interest.  One of the best things about her books is that she understands the use of "the hook" to grab the reader at the beginning.

In Beautiful Imperfection, we are introduced to Teddy Federline, a woman who had a recent mastectomy and has been pronounced cancer free.  At the insistence of friends, she is meeting a man for drinks in a local restaurant.  We see her apprehension in having this date as well as her insecurities due to the recent surgery.  It is a brief but wonderful introduction to this character.  The reader just starts having empathy for Teddy, when a gunman walks into the place and begins killing people at random.  Boom!  And there's the well-placed hook.

Teddy watches as someone she knows is killed, as well as others in the room.  Given her recent illness, she is determined to survive and takes action she never would have before in her life.  She helps take down the gunman so he can be disarmed.

That act of bravery makes her the target of the serial killer who shot the people in the restaurant.  One by one, the witnesses start dying, even though he sits securely behind bars.

In walks Sloan Michaels, her boyfriend from years ago, now a detective with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.  Teddy does not want to trust him because he deserted her when they were young.
He has feelings of his own and secrets he has never revealed.  He is determined to protect her, even at the cost of his own life.

Thus begins an intricate story that moves quickly and keeps you reading until the satisfying conclusion.

Ms. Bain has filled her story with well-drawn characters with whom we can empathize.  She also researched the healing process for women with breast cancer.  Teddy's battle, both physical and psychological is real.  In my old days in the field of social work, I worked with women like Teddy who were trying to cope in the aftermath of treatment from this disease.  I recognize Teddy's behavior as well as her physical symptoms.

The author will donate a portion of her net earnings for 2013 to Breast Cancer Research.

This is a terrific story of healing and redemption and not just for Teddy.  Filled with sensitivity and suspense, it is a good read that will stay with you.

I hope you will read this book and discover the talented Kathryn J. Bain. 

By the way, her cover art just took first place for the Inspirational category in the Sunshine State Romance Authors "Show Me Your Cover" contest.  It is a gorgeous cover, indicative of the sensitivity of the story inside.

Brava, Ms. Bain for another beautifully written novel!


When witnesses to a mass murder start dying, breast cancer survivor Teddy Federline must push aside her anger and trust an ex-boyfriend to ensure she lives long enough to testify against the killer.

Detective Sloan Michaels still has deep feelings for Teddy but realizes that after the way he left her years ago, he has a lot of making up to do. Now, he must keep his focus on the case and off the woman he loves. If Sloan doesn't keep Teddy safe, he'll never get a second chance.

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