Monday, March 18, 2013

Best Man by Karen Hudgins

This is a charming novel.  It's the story of wedding couture designer, Geneva "Poppy" Pembroke, and the man who endangered her beloved career.  Doug Abbott injured her when he rode accidentally into the stands at a polo match.  Trouble is, he does not remember the aftermath of the crash due to his own injuries.

His brother is soon to be married.  The bride-to-be insists on having the famous Lady Gen design their wedding.  Doug is his brother's best man.  Naturally, though Poppy may want to avoid Doug, she cannot.  But the real trouble is, she's not at all sure she wants to avoid him.  While he is more than willing to spend his time with her, until he regains his memory of the incident and her injuries.

Throw in elements of danger from an unknown source and you have a most enjoyable read.  Will they resolve things and get their happy ending?

Ms. Hudgins is a wonderful writer.  Her research is impeccable.  She writes beautiful descriptions of Lady Gen's designs.  She also writes most knowledgeably of Doug Abbott's life as a vintner for his family's business, as well as the game of polo.

Her characters live on the page, touching the reader with their emotions and their situation.  The settings for her scenes are vivid and memorable.  You can picture Doug's family home, Poppy's workroom, and the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area.

Winner of one of the 2012 Heart of Excellence awards, Best Man is a great book to savor.

Warning, Ms. Hudgins is as good at describing delicious food as she is everything else.  As a dieter, she made me long to cheat!! 

This is the fifth published novel by Ms. Hudgins.  Enjoy!

Geneva "Poppy" Pembrooke, wedding couture designer, yearns to forget the rugged Thistle polo player who jeopardized her career and health. Yet how can she when he sets her heart on fire and is the Best Man for her client’s wedding of the year?

 Doug Abbott, country vintner, discovers that he'd injured beautiful Lady Gen in a tragic polo accident. He can't forgive himself, but when foul play evidence surfaces things change, and he fights for a second chance to win her heart.



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